Since its creation in 2007, RSM-Consulting attaches great importance to its social responsibility policy. Well aware of the environmental, social and civic issues in today’s society, RSM agrees on concrete axes. Many actions and initiatives are carried out in these areas across the company.

These actions lie around important concepts for RSM, which are ethics, values, transparency, diversity and sustainable development. These concepts are shared with all stakeholders of the company and meet their expectations.

With its commitment, RSM grouped all these concepts around 3 main axes that build on actions already undertaken:

  • Social Responsibility
  • The Civic Responsibility
  • Environmental Responsibility

These axes form a structures framework for an approach to CSR policy to evolve along with the development of the company, and improve continuously the integration of social responsibility in the procedures and practices.

  • Our Social responsibility:

    RSM-Consulting is committed to deploy a committed and loyal management of human resources. For that, RSM implements different actions:

    • Trainings and transfer of knowledge:

      RSM-C sees that it is important to train young professionals, that is why all their chances are given to youth under contract of professionalisation and apprenticeship. Throughout their career at RSM, trainings and individual guidance are set up to ensure the appropriate transfer of skills.

    • Fight against all forms of discrimination:

      The cultural diversity is an important issue of the culture of RSM company. In fact a dozen of different cultures are represented by the employees of the company. That is why RSM is commited to develop a management policy of human resources ethics and prohibit all forms of discrimination.

    • Well-being of employees and the guarantee of good conditions of work:

      • Set up an ergonomic kitchen as well as a relaxation room with access to various activities.
      • Dematerialization of most of the documents.
      • Awareness of employees to energy-intelligent use of energy.

    • Reduction of transport:

      • Set up a carpool system
      • Minimization of business travel
      • Sharing system of the company car for business travel.

    • Recycling:

      • Waste sorting
      • Awareness of employees for environmentally friendly activities

    RSM-C aims to deploy new projects around solidarity and ecology with a view to sustainable progress. Indeed, RSM believe that the commitment of companies in civic and humanitarian actions brings so much to the company and necessary for a development more holy to the environment.

    Participation of all employees in the company in common activities like sport, etc. The social dialogue between each employee is so important, that is why RSM set up time sharing and discussions for everyone to work in good conditions.

  • Our civic reponsibilty:

    RSM-C is IT consulting company located in France but working in more than twenty countries especially in the African continent.
    As an actor of the local economy in the countries in which it provides its services, a part of its role is to contribute to the development of communities with respect to their values and their culture.

    • Development of solidarity actions:

      RSM distribute a portion of its cash flow to associations in domains such as:

      • Culture
      • Education
      • Solidarity
      • Environment

    • Compliance with the guiding principles of the United Nations regarding human rights

      RSM commits to respect these principles with all its stakeholders (collaborators, suppliers, customers, etc.)

  • Our environmental responsibility:

    Daily actions associated with an awareness of all collaborators are set up within RSM-C in order to minimize the impact of the company on the environment.

    • Savings of resources:

      Policy of low consumption through daily activities:

      • Minimization of printing, duplex printing
      • Using of low energy light bulbs
      • Prohibition of any energy consumption material as possible